Local Da Nang cuisine & places to eat

Welcome to Da Nang! Besides visiting famous sightseeing, travelers to Da Nang cannot miss out our local Da Nang food.

Quang noodle is a must-try local Da Nang cuisine, also known as the spiritual food of Da Nang homeland. As a matter of fact, Quang noodle received many positive feedbacks from guests dining at Canary Restaurant of Nhu Minh Plaza Danang Hotel. All ingredients are carefully picked and prepared by a head chef. The chef has cooked his secret recipe of Quang noodle for nearly 30 years and he has never failed a soul!

What’s more, other local food such as steamed pork with a steamed thin pancake with a side of local sauce “mam nem” and vegetable, another dish is noodle soup with fish balls available at Con Market. Con Market is the oldest outdoor and indoor street market of Da Nang, shopping heaven of Da Nang specialties. After 3 PM, its unique street food will open to the public. A sweet tooth cannot miss out sweet treats served here!

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