Recently, people are very curious about the Golden Bridge in Da Nang when they see pictures and picturesque footage in newspapers and social networks. Do not hesitate to join us to discover this exciting virtual living paradise, we will guide from A-Z  everything on how to go to Da Nang Golden Bridge to have beautiful pictures.

Da Nang Golden Bridge is an indispensable symbol when coming to Da Nang

Whenever coming to Da Thanh, no one does not know about the Dragon Bridge that crosses the Han River, a fire nozzle and a sprinkler head. Now, visitors still remember the new interesting and outstanding place, with the presence of a new bridge – Da Nang Golden Bridge – an indispensable symbol when arriving in Da Nang.

So where is Da Nang Golden Bridge? Where is Da Nang located? How to go to Da Nang Golden Bridge? How much is the ticket to go to Da Nang Golden Bridge? Let’s find out and answer everything together!

Where is Da Nang Golden Bridge?

Currently, Da Nang Golden Bridge is located halfway up the mountain, at an altitude of more than 1400m above sea level, extremly feverish with impressive designs for tourists.

The bridge is winding, smooth in the middle of the sky, crossing the mountains, cradled under the mossy hands of the giant god, connecting Marseilla station with Thien Thai flower garden. 150m long with 8 spans, 7 pillars and 2 abutments. Located in the tourist complex Sun World Ba Na Hills Da Nang. Also known as the Han Bridge.

Tổng quan về cầu vàng Đà Nẵng ?

How to go to Da Nang Golden Bridge?

To get to the Golden Bridge, visitors need to go to Da Nang city by bus, train, private car, or plane. Because it is a high-class resort, a virtual living paradise, a paradise fir entertainment when located in the Sun World Ba Na Hills complex, it is likened to a miniature Europe in the heart of Da Nang.

Ba Na Hills tourist area is very famous in Da Nang, so visitors can choose from many different means:

Book a tour to discover Ba Na Hills through travel tours or a private transfer service from Da Nang International Airport on the app that will take you directly to Ba Na Hills.

Taxi is a popular choice for groups of friends and family

The bus from Da Nang to Ba Na Hills will mostly be a free package for visitors when buying combos at Ba Na Hills.

The choice is extremely suitable and mostly for young people who love to explore through motorbike rental. Da Nang is also a popular motorbike rental place because this is a hot tourist city today, the cost ranges from 80-100k/1 day for you to rent motorbikes to explore and adventure.

Khu du lịch Ba Na Hills- Đường lên tiên cảnh

Ba Na Hills – Road to fairyland

Ticket price to visit Da Nang Golden Bridge or entrance ticket to Da Nang Golden Bridge and what you need to know.

According to my experience, you only need to hold a ticket to Ba Na Hills tourist area in your hand, it is enough without having to buy a ticket to the gate of Da Nang Golden Bridge or a ticket to visit the Golden Bridge of Da Nang. Da Nang Golden Bridge belongs to Ba Na Hills, so all tickets to Da Nang Golden Bridge you don’t need to worry about, all tickets to Danang Golden Bridge are completely free.

But to get there, you need to buy a ticket for the Ba Na Hills cable car. Here are the fare information you should refer to:

  • Children under 1 meter tall: Completely free
  • Children from 1m -1m4: 600,000VND/person outside the province, special: 350,000VND/person in Da Nang.
  • Adults and children over 1m4 tall: 750,000VND/person outside the province, special incentives for Da Nang people are 450,000VND/person.

Bản đồ bà nà hill


One thing to note: the ticket is only valid for one day, if you want to visit Da Nang Golden Bridge the next day, the ticket will not apply. Ba Na Hills cable car opens at 7:00am to 10:00pm, so you should take advantage before it gets crowded.



Check – in Ba Na Hill, Da Nang Golden Bridge is okay, have you planned about your resort yet? If not, I will suggest you a 4-star hotel with an extremly convenient and thoughtful location. Rest assured, this is a 4-star hotel that makes you miss and will come back if you have the opportunity to step foot in Da Thanh again!

Nhu Minh Plaza is memorable experience for tourists

Welcome to Nhu Minh Plaza, this is a 4-star hotel in Da Nang currently located on Pham Van Dong street, Ngu Hanh Son district, Da Nang city. The special thing you need to save is the location of the hotel connecting My Khe Beach, the most famous and immersed tourist beach in Da Nang.

Nhu Minh Plaza has a cool sea view and a river view covering the city. With convenient services for all customers such as: swimming pool, fitness, children’s play area, conferences, events…

Nhu Minh Plaza – Da Nang City

Nhu Minh Plaza – Da Nang City

You should know whether traveling for business or leisure, Nhu Minh Plaza always brings comfort, dedicated and professional service. One of the quality 4-star hotels causing a fever for tourist is the ideal choice for this experience-filled trip!

Bedroom: where with mountain, city and sea view, comfortable bed, modern air conditioning system, clean bed linen, helping you to relax as best as possible.

 Phòng nghỉ Nhu Minh Plaza – Da Nang City

Bedroom at Nhu Minh Plaza – Da Nang City

In addition, Nhu Minh Plaza has more relaxation and entertainment services for tourists:

  • Fitness center: operating 24/7 at the 8th floor space, the equipment is constantly updated and modern, you can keep fit during your vacation or long distance business.

Phòng tập gym tiện ích cho khách

  • Down to the 7th floor is a campus for young people, households, visitors to freely exercise, live virtual, enjoy snacks together: cocktails, snacks…

Hồ bơi trong khuôn viên khách sạn

  • Oak Spa & Nails: Current interesting topic, you come to Nhu Minh Plaza to relax and relax +1 again, a great place to take care of yourself after a long flight or a day to explore the hot sun in Da Nang.
  • Kid’club is an ideal place for children to freely play and participate in available activities such as coloring, clay mordeling, ball house…

Các hoạt động cuối tuần cho trẻ em dành cho các gia đình

  • Finally, restaurants and bars: Located in the most prime location in the lobby of 4-star Nhu Minh Plaza hotel, the first and last stop for all tourists.

Thực đơn nước uống tiện lợi vừa túi tiền

All is my experience at Nhu Minh Plaza Danang Hotel, this 4-star hotel makes me nostalgic, I will definitely come back to this hotel when I set foot in Da Thanh land again. Hope all the above information brings you the perfect vacation.

Hurry up and book a room now to enjoy the above service and have a great experience!


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