Da Nang International Fireworks Festival 2019

Da Nang is a tourist city that organizes an annual special international fireworks festival to attract many tourists. And by attracting a record number of visitors when coming to Da Nang on the summer with the event that DIFF in the Top 5 most representative cultural events, Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF will be more attractive than the past years.

Let’s join  Nhu Minh Plaza Hotel to update the detailed information about Danang International Fireworks Festival DIFF 2019.

The festival was organized by the organizer: UMND and Sun Group, and at this time DIFF 2019 will bring the theme of “Stories from the Rivers”.

The fireworks festival period takes place within 5 nights on weekend nights, from June 1, 2019 (opening) to July 6, 2019 (final) with the following topics:

June 1, 2019: Origin theme (opening night, competed by Vietnam and Russia)

June 8, 2019: the topic of the Germ (Belgium-Brazil),

June 15, 2019: the theme of Love (Finland – Italy)

June 22, 2019: the theme of Colors (English – Chinese)

July 6, 2019: The final night is competed by the two best teams.

In addition, there are a number of companion activities such as the first flash mob contest held nationwide.

The venue for fireworks performance is held at Da Han Han Port.

The main venue will be located on the sidewalk of Tran Hung Dao Street, opposite the fireworks display area. Bach Dang Street, Tran Hung Dao Street, Song Han Bridge, Thuan Phuoc Bridge … are places to watch fireworks shows of people and tourists.

Bringing a great playground for youths nationwide, the flashmob contest with topic “Youth Waves”will be organized on a national scale. The contest will include preselecting, semi-final, and final with a larger scale, more diverse, creating a exchanging opportunity for youngsters from all the provinces, creating a new breeze to DIFF2019.

Ticket prices for Da Nang fireworks 2019:

Ticket prices for Danang fireworks 2019

Ticket B1: price 800,000 VND / ticket
B2 ticket: VND 500,000 / ticket
B3 tickets: VND 500,000 / ticket
B4 tickets: VND 400,000 / ticket
B5 tickets: VND 300,000 / ticket
Ticket B6: price 600,000 VND / ticket
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